A new era….The Revival of the old DLN!

After my absence everything had been rekt in mHm. It isnt the one it used to be so guys I am leaving. It was fun in mHm like rekting GR noobs. Btw we also completed an ambition of destroying GR alongside other clans. Well yeah bye guys. Also I am reviving our old phase THE DLN oh and it wont be like the old DLN which was all fucked up so yeah I am making the DLN site again. If you wanna follow me then come on and PM me on pb2 and if no the we dont give a F0K.



guys im sad to tell you but jeff is so fuking inactive . He comes every 10 days . Wardemption , hamza , do NOT reply bad at this . Its my decision and it will be agreed .

After my elections , mihaiionutcristi is the new council president.

Warring GSA? Ass kicking time?…

So actually I trolled o_sniper_o lol by sending him fake screenshits that GSA was theatening mHm. I was testing hkw GSA was. They are as gullible as fuck as they trusted everything I sent them and declared war LOL. Btw I sent o_sniper_o that I was actually trolling and testing GSA but because he was pissed also after I sent noune some messages so he is deciding to war us. And like wtf noune? You said “GSA is PRomoted and great clan” – “They can wipe u all out” – “Dont troll a guy from a big clan”. Seriously wtf was those. And “GSA hasnt lost a war.” *Cough* GSA *Cough*? You lost against MMC and also you removed MMC from the “Clans we lost ” list. Also EKAT won GSA and yeah GSA won EKAT like wtf ? Its sick to hear those. GSA great clan? It was a great clan but history doesnt last the same. GSA lost 50 members cuz last time I saw their members list they had 40-45 members. Sucks to be the GSA. Also only 10% GSA plays pb2 if they are big even tho. We can outnumber them easily LOL. They great clan? Now lets take a moment for the GSA who was great: “Boo-hoo sucks to be them”. If they are warring us for geting pissed then who the fuck is blocking their path. Bring your shits to us as we dontgive a shit to GSA for earring us.

Paydays gonna come. Gunners gonna gun. Haters gonna hate. Bakers gonna bake. GSAs gonna run. mHms gonna bomb.

TFP [The Fallout Protocol]

Nobody gives a sh*t for this war. This war ended a lot of clans and players just like WW-II. I am gonna end it today or tomorrow. Nobody wil just stand and watch everybody fights. Any bastard, even guest electric fish comes in my way, they will be killed on sight. The last remnants of UFGA will be destroyed. So, don’t tell me I aint gonna spare those ass fuckers. Also the GH is going to gt their heads chopped. Like I told you all before, anybody comes in y way will be destroyed. I am gonna lead all mHm to a full scale attack. Cause tomorrow there will be destruction, today there shall be MAYHEM!


Who the fuck needs plans? Any GR bastard or GH noob you see is to be killed on sight.